Friday, July 11, 2014

Nursery Organization (Chest and Dresser/Changing Table)

I plan to post a full blog on our nursery design, description, product information, and the amazing job my husband did making my vision come to life.  However, since I am still waiting on a few things to arrive (they should be here by the first of next week) and I really want to put something together, I am going to go ahead and write this post about my attempt to organize the nursery.  I am aware that once Genevieve arrives, things will probably change, but this is at least a good start.

Furniture: Crib, Chest, and Double Dresser from the Baby Cache Montana collection in Driftwood Purchased at Babies R Us, Baskets inside double dresser purchased from Dollar Tree, Aqua decorative drawers with starfish purchased at Home Goods, Diaper Caddy in Coral and Grey (size XL)purchased on Etsy from Yoon1206greene.


Top Drawer
This drawer has burp cloths, receiving blankets, and bibs.  I need to get a few more burp cloths at this point.  The embroidered burp cloths were a gift, so Im not sure who made  them, but I do believe the were purchased from Etsy.

Second Drawer
This drawer has changing pad covers, mattress pads, sheet savers, sheets, pack n play sheets, cradle sheets, and bassinet sheets.  My husband built my cradle and the mattress is made of foam core and not a standard size.  I ordered the sheets for it from Birdshaveflowers.

Third Drawer
This drawer is stuffed full of blankets!  The blankets on the right side were made by my Great Grandmother for me when I was a baby.

Fourth Drawer
This drawer has only two blankets in it because they are both super plush and large.  The top one in this photo was made for me by my grandmother and given to me at my baby shower.

Double Dresser / Changing Table (I havent put the changing pad on it yet)
The following pictures start with the top of the dresser and then move on the drawers in order from left to right.

Starfish Drawer Tower
I had trouble decided what to do with this drawer tower, but its so pretty and I really love it. Right now the top drawer is empty, but I think I will put alcohol pads in it.  The 2nd drawer has cotton pads.  The 3rd drawer has baby q-tips.  The 4th has small binder clips.  These may seem odd, but right now I am using them to clip socks together in matches.  Most of her socks have patterns on them and they are so small that if I fold them I cant see the design.  This may become more trouble than its worth, but its my current solution.

Misc. Plastic Bins
These bins are really random, but right now they are holding things that I couldnt decide where else to put.  In the first basket I have a sample surface cleaner from Honest Company, a few pens, a notepad, and some hand sanitizer.  The smaller basket in the corner has baby coupons in it.

Diaper Caddy

I ordered this diaper caddy from Etsy and the fabric perfectly matches my crib bedding.  In the left side I have tissues, nursing pads, and pacifiers. The middle section has baby wipes, baby lotion (Shea Moisture), and diaper rash cream (Aquaphor).  The last section has 20 newborn diapers in it. 

First Drawer

This drawer contains baby hats, mittens, headbands, hairbows, tights, diaper covers, 0-6 month socks (back), and newborn socks (front).

Second Drawer
This drawer has travel wipes, extra diaper disposal bags, Nose Frieda, Boogie Wipes, baby meds, non-latex gloves (I figure if we end up wanting to use diaper cream in a tub instead of a squeeze tube, I wont want to contaminate the jar), baby grooming supplies, pacifiers, and extra diapers.

Third Drawer

This drawer had newborn sleepers and gowns on the left and 0-3 month sleepers on the right.

Fourth Drawer

The left side of this drawer has newborn pants and onesies and the right side has 0-3 onesies and pants. 

Fifth Drawer
This drawer is an oddball.  Right now it has items that I cant hang in the closet, but that Genevieve wont be using for several months.  It has larger socks, a bottle leash, a large size sleep sack, onsies and hats for 6 months and older.

Sixth Drawer
I wanted to put these items in the chest, but I ran out of room.  On the left side are my muslin swaddle blankets and on the right side is my Woombies and swaddle wraps that fasten closed.

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