Tuesday, April 10, 2012

So much for plans...

So my earlier goal of writing about my daily life everyday for a week, has fallen to the wayside.

On March 3rd I was heading home after running errands in a neighboring town and had a car accident. I was heading west on I-30 and saw a 18 wheeler tire in the middle lane of the interstate (the lane I was driving in). I was unable to avoid hitting the tire because there was traffic on both sides of me. I hit the tire and lost control of my car. I did several 360 degree turns and ended up hitting the cement wall lining the median wall. The car stopped facing the opposite of traffic, having hit the median on the passenger side of the car.

Two nice couples stopped and stayed with me until the ambulance arrived.

The first thoughts through my head were that I was glad my dogs weren't in the car with me because they would have probably died and that I wanted my fiancé, Michael, with me.

The result of the accident was that my left (and dominant) wrist was cracked and my car was totaled. I have been wearing a cast on my arm since the accident.

I have had a lot of pain and basic functions are difficult. Who would have thought about not being able to open containers, turning a doorknob, earring food that needs to be cut, etc .

Since the accident I have been prone to severe anxiety in the car. Not being able to drive is inconvenient for me,my staff, and my family. The nightmares have seemed to stop recently. My energy, which disappeared after the accident, has started to return.

The cast is supposed to come off later this week. I am interested how this Will continue to unfold.

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