Thursday, July 19, 2012

Recipe: Buffalo Chicken Pasta

Buffalo Chicken Pasta


2lbs chicken - cut in small chunks
2 jars Alfredo sauce (I used Bertolli)
1lb penne (use corn penne for gluten free)
1/4 cup hidden valley ranch dressing
1 large bell pepper
1/2 large onion
3 Tbs chopped garlic
2 cups chopped tomatoes
1/2 jar of Buffalo sauce (I used Frank's)
1/4 cup olive oil
1/2 parmesan cheese
1/2 pkg of cream cheese
Pepper and salt to taste


1.) Saute onion, bell pepper, garlic, and chicken in the olive oil.
2.) When chicken is cooked through boil pasta in separate pot.  
3.) While pasta is cooking, add alfredo sauce, cream cheese, and ranch dressing to chicken mixture and simmer.  Add pepper and salt to taste.
4.) When pasta is finished, drain and add to sauce mixture.
5.) Add buffalo sauce (I use 1/2 a jar, but you can use as little or as much as you like) and cook for 5 minutes.  
6.) Add the parmesan cheese before serving.

*Note: Our family loves this recipe for dinner!  The guys fight over the leftovers.  If needed you can cut this recipe in half, but it all gets eaten at our house!


  1. What size jar of Frank's? It comes in two sizes.

    1. 12 oz jar....but really you can just ad and taste to determine what you like.

  2. How many people does this feed?

  3. This can feed 8 easily and probably have leftovers. In my family it feeds about 5, but my 18 year old eats enough for 3 or 4 people on his own.

  4. Could you serve this as a cold salad? Thanks!

    1. I dont really like cold pasta salads that are as saucy as this recipe, but if you do, try it!