Friday, August 30, 2013

A Subscription Box Review: Bark Box (August)

I started getting Barkbox last year when it was offered through Groupon.  Barkbox is a subscription service for dogs that ranges in price from $19-$29 based on the number of months you subscribe.  Each month your dog gets a box in the mail, based on its size, that includes treats, toys, accessories, and pet care items.

We have two dogs of our own, both around 25lbs, as well as my brother-in-law's pit bull who is 60lbs.  We subscribe to the medium weight box and for the most part all dogs are happy with the selections in the box.  This month we received 1 toy, 3 bags of treats, and a food topper.  This month our box was worth $49.20.

The dogs have learned that every month they get a Barkbox and when they see the package they get super excited and start begging and trying to get into the box.

The Aussie Natural's neoprene dolphin was a huge hit!  All three dogs love this toy and since it arrived they it has been their favorite.  Of the treat/food items included, all were enjoyed by our dogs, but their favorites have been the Barkworthies Bully Flakes and the Plato duck treats.

You can tell by these pictures that our dogs are loving every minute of the unboxing (excuse the messy floor).

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